Glo BBC SMS to 777 problem

Can’t send SMS to 777 from your BB10 smartphone?

Sometimes, sending SMS to Glo’s BlackBerry Complete shortcode, 777, is a problem on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I have experienced this problem on both the Z30 and the Z10. When the problem happens, the user is unable to check BBC balance or renew subscription. Thankfully, there is an alternative means of achieving the same results. To […]

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Nokia Lumia 630

Poll: Is the future of Windows Phone at the low end?

The Guardian has a long article pushing the idea that the future of Windows Phone OS is at the low end, based on comments made by Dan Dery, Alcatel’s vice president. Let’s look at a quote from Dan: “We’re not interested in high-end devices – so Windows Phone producing a very, very good consumer experience […]

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Microsoft Garage Android apps

Microsoft’s Garage playground churns out cool Android apps

The Garage is a playground within Microsoft for trying out creative ideas. Consider it a startup within the Microsoft organisation. The official blog defines it as “a support system, an incubator, and full of cheerleaders.. a sort of preserve – an open space where people can find their wonder and creativity.” All sorts of creative […]

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Android 5.0 Lollipop to support RAW Camera Image Output

Normally, smartphone photography processing is usually composed of these basic steps 1. Camera hardware and sensors capture light and image data 2. Software algorithms process the data and compress its life out. 3. The final image information is displayed and saved in memory as a JPEG picture. The major advantage of these are in the […]

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Lumia 930 front back

Microsoft adopts Lumia branding for smartphones

Nokia France posted a status update that says: In the coming days, you will receive a message from Facebook on the renaming of this page. We are about to become “Microsoft Lumia”! – Stay tuned to learn more soon…;) Apparently, Microoft has chosen to go with “Lumia” branding for their smartphones. In my opinion, and […]

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