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Cameroon to migrate to 9-digit telephone numbering system

Business in Cameroon reports that the country’s Telecommunications Regulations Agency (TRA) has announced the switchover to the new 9-digit telephone numbering system to take effect in November 2014. This is the 3rd telephone numbering system that Cameroon will adopt in 17 years. Cameroon has over 16 million active mobile subscribers and 220,000 land lines. The […]

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Nokia HERE for Samsung

Nokia’s HERE Maps arrive on Android, courtesy of Samsung

First, Samsung announced that Nokia’s HERE Maps would be the default navigation app on their Tizen-powered Gear S. That wasn’t so surprising. What is really a big surprise is the news that HERE Maps is coming to Samsung’s Android-powered smartphone range as well. Android has Google Maps built in, so this move is significant. A […]

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Which is the best designed Smartphone OS out of the box?

There are usually many factors involved in deciding the best of anything, not to talk of smartphone operating systems. Some will tout app availability as most paramount, some would say ease of use, while another set would swear by customizability as the bedrock of what makes an OS. These good people have decided to take […]

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