BlackBerry OS Update Available

BlackBerry OS Update

I received a software update notification on my BlackBerry Z30 this morning. It stated the update version as, a small 95 MB download. Initiating the download, the phone indicated that a Wifi connection was required, so you need to bear that in mind.

95 MB + 780 MB

When I initiated the update, the 95 MB download was completed and installed, then another download – a huge 780 MB – was automatically initiated. Yes; 780 MB. Please don’t ask me. The entire update process lasted till 6.30 pm. I don’t remember the exact time I initiated it, but that should be around 1 pm.

Details of what the update brings to the table are not available now, but I immediately saw that BBM, Calendar and Contacts now have the option of a dark theme. Unfortunately, Blackberry Hub didn’t get that option. That would have been nice. I will update with anything else that I find later.

It appears that this update is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices, so if you own one, you can expect it too. Just don’t be fooled by the 95 MB you are initially presented with. The entire update combined is 875 MB.

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  1. Princess. Reply

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. What other upgrade did you notice with this update. where you able to crop bbm pictures afterwards? please reply.

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