We all here at the office have all but given up on Zain mobile internet. We are not particularly excited about Zain’s policy of limiting 3G access to postpaid subscribers only.

We know that many mobile internet users feel the same way too. Anyway, we haven’t touched Zain mobile internet in months, but that shouldn’t stop us from revisiting this subject, and ask current Zain mobile internet users whether or not Zain has reviewed that policy.

We know that Zain has at least one pocket-friendly package that has helped them keep some customers on their mobile internet plans inspite of their restricted 3G policy. But some of us are suckers for speed. Our jobs demand some minimum level of speed. And there was no way on earth that we were going to sign a contract just for that when alternatives were available. So, we dumped Zain mobile internet months ago. But that’s us.

One of the attractions of Zain’s pocket-friendly plan (we are thinking Zain Lite now, which costs N1,000 monthly) is that it is just convenient if all you need is something to use for email and light browsing on your phone. At the moment, only one other operator, Etisalat, offers a matching plan.

The official Zain Mobile Internet page gives the general impression that the restriction on 3G does not exist.

If you are on Zain prepaid, do you have access to 3G yet or are you still restricted to GPRS and EDGE? You tell us.

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